Introducing Alver Learning
Introducing Alver Learning
15 October 2018

The team here would proudly like to introduce to you our latest product – Alver Learning!

Alver Learning is a new Learning Management System (LMS) created for businesses to manage internal training. This cloud-based web application allows you to create, distribute and track training courses within a user-friendly platform – it’s a simple as that.

Experts in data

Alver Learning is based on the sunny south coast of England.

The team here specialise in solutions which help companies to improve data representation, processes and communications, subsequently increasing efficiency, cutting costs and processing data more effectively.

Alver Learning improves the effectiveness of a company’s training or development process for staff by using a single platform to deliver and carry out training materials providing quantitative and comparable data in a readable and meaningful way ultimately saving time and money.

Top things you need to know about Alver Learning!

An affordable LMS

We recognised there was a need in the market for an affordable LMS which still offered all the major features required to make a useful e-learning system. We also know we’re good at making data readable and valuable.

By concentrating on the key LMS features and making the product as intuitive and comprehensive as possible, costs were minimised by cutting out little extras some customers deem unnecessary.

By doing this, Alver Learning can provide a quality e-learning product at an affordable price.

A mobile LMS

Alver Learning was carefully designed to be fully mobile optimised, allowing you to Learn Your Way. Anywhere. Anytime.

Unlike other LMSs on the scene, Alver Learning allows you to manage all aspects of the application easily from any mobile device; ideal for people on the go.

An evolving LMS

Being a recently launched LMS, we are constantly looking at ways to improve our services to our customers - which is why we want to hear from you! We like to work with our customers so they get the most out of our product. So, if have you any suggestions, or things you would like to see - we welcome you to get in touch.

Try Alver Learning for FREE

We are so confident that Alver Learning will be suitable for your business, that we’d like to offer you a free 30-day trial!

We believe that an LMS should sell itself. This is not a demo or a trial with restrictions - nor do we ask for your card details. Simply try Alver Learning so you can judge it for yourself.


Intro Alver Learing


Laura Lucking

Marketing manager