SCORM – What is it and what are the benefits?
9 June 2020

What is SCORM?

SCORM is an acronym which stands for Sharable Content Object Reference Model. It allows for a way of standardising content across different eLearning platforms via a collection of standards and specifications.

This means SCORM content, or SCORM course packages, can effectively be uploaded to SCORM compliant Learning Management Systems with ease.

The standardising of content allows for many benefits to online learning via learning management systems.

Benefits of SCORM

  • Readily available courses:
    SCORM course packages can be purchased from a third-party supplier taking the hassle out of content creation. Also, it is a way to ensure accurate educational content from the industry experts themselves.

  • Dynamic content:
    SCORM authoring systems provide the necessary tools for better quality content to be published, which we all know is vital for an effective learning experience.

  • Reusable content:
    In the event you could no longer use your current LMS (e.g. you needed additional features your LMS couldn’t provide, or your LMS could no longer support you) SCORM gives you peace of mind your course content could be easily transferred to a new LMS.

  • Easy editing:
    Needing to update course content is inevitable, but also simply achieved with courses created with SCORM standards. Purchased SCROM courses can also be edited via an authoring tool so it can be personalised to your needs.

  • Standard results:
    With standardised course packages also comes standardised course results allowing data to be easily read and interpreted by key members of staff when making business decisions.

  • Focus your time:
    SCORM course packages can be purchased from or built by third party providers meaning your time and effort can be focused on what you do best.

  • Continued use of authoring tools:
    With a SCORM compatible LMS, there is no need to learn new skills when it comes to creating courses. You can continue to create engaging content via the use of the SCORM authoring tools you are familiar with.

Alver Learning SCORM complaint LMS

SCORM compatible Learning Management Systems such as Alver Learning widen the scope of what can be achieved with elearning. It provides businesses more options on how courses are created, acquired and published.

You can trial Alver Learning and its SCORM features free of charge for 30 days. Give it a go.




Laura Lucking

Marketing manager