Introducing Alver Learning
Introducing Alver Learning
26 November 2018

Introducing Alver Learning, the Learning Management System that provides fuss free analytics for your business

Alver Learning is the exciting new cloud-based Learning Management System (LMS) which provides SME’s across the UK with the necessary tools to save time, resources and costs involved with internal training.

Developed by a team of experts specialising in web applications and data analysis software, the e-learning platform allows you to create, distribute and track training courses - cutting costs of training via traditional methods.

The clear and concise analytics help companies and individuals measure their business competency uplift providing them with readable data to make informed decisions on staff utilisation and business processes.

Brian Biggs, Director at Alver Learning, knows the value of data and the importance of company and personal development.

“We recognised that there was a need in the UK market for an affordable LMS which still offered all of the major features required to make a useful e-learning system. We also know that we’re good at making data readable and valuable which is essential for growing businesses, so we built Alver Learning.”

As well as offering quality features and functionality, the LMS allows customers the scalability to upgrade or downgrade their package levels at any time with low cost monthly or annual payment plans.

Furthermore, with the popularity of flexible working increasing, Alver Learning allows you to manage all aspects of the LMS from a mobile device. Brian Biggs elaborates;

“User experience on mobile devices is extremely important when it comes to web development, now more than ever with the continuous development of mobile technology. With this in mind, the Alver Learning suite was built to evolve with mobile advancements and to be fully functional on mobile devices retaining its user friendly and intuitive features.”

The team at Alver Learning are so confident in their product that they are currently offering a 30-day free trial with no restrictions. Learn more at Alver Learning.

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Laura Lucking

Marketing manager